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Mr Dean and Miss Hankinson

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History workshops

Year 5 took part in a history workshop, imagining what life was life at school 300 years ago. The children sat in a classroom, wearing caps or bonnets, with a slate board on a desk.
They imagined having an indenture, choosing a profession.
Groups then used drama to tell the story of Liverpool’s maritime history and the history of the Bluecoat. An enjoyable morning Year 5, well done!




Year 5 have been discussing the meaning of freedom after working on their RE topic of Judaism and Passover. The children recalled the facts about Moses and the fact that the Israelites were denied their freedom as slaves in Egypt.

Groups discussed what freedom meant to them and to the world.



Dinner choices for next week

Take a look at our delicious menu for next week.  Why not try something new?


Our trip to Tesco

We had a great time on out trip to Park Road Tesco today as part of our DT topic. When we got there we were greeted by Shelly who gave us a guided tour of the whole store. We checked out the labels on the fruit and vegetables to see where they had been grown. We visited the fish counter and saw some of the preparation that takes place before the products hit the shelves. Finally we took a backstage tour of the bakery section where we found out how the bread is produced in store. Thank you very much Tesco for such an amazing opportunity.

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Life as an evacuee

Year 5 have been deciding which items they would take with them if they were evacuees in WWII. They thought about essential items and unsuitable items. What would you have taken with you?


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Dinner choices for next week

On Take a look at our delicious menu for next week.  Why not try something new?


Air raid shelters visit

Year 5 enjoyed a visit to Birkenhead High School to see their air raid shelters. The school had the shelters purpose built during wartime to protect the safety of their pupils. The class had the opportunity to enter the shelters and experience what life might have been like for children during the Blitz. Some of the class also had the chance to dress as air raid wardens. The children also saw that the shelters had a basic toilet, a gas protection curtain and an escape hatch.  Thank you to Birkenhead High school for welcoming us.




Dinner choices for next week

Take a look at our delicious menu for next week.  Why not try something new?


Letters from the Lighthouse

This term our class book is Letters from the Lighthouse.  By the end of the term we are hoping that nearly everyone in the class will have had the chance to read it.  We would love to hear your thoughts on the book.

Are you enjoying it so far?

What do you predict will happen?

Who is your favourite character? Why?

What was your favourite section of the book?

Who would you recommend this book to? Why?

Describe the book in 5 words.

Sum up the book without giving the plot away.


Anzac biscuits

Year 5 have been making Anzac biscuits as part of their DT topic – Food. These biscuits were a popular wartime treat in Australia and New Zealand, but thanks to some hard work and persistence by all involved (thanks Ms Hankinson!), they  have arrived in Pleasant Street. Enjoy!