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Welcome to Class Six’s blog page. We will keep you updated with the fun and exciting things we get up to everyday via our Twitter feed and blog.  We would really appreciate you commenting on our posts and letting us know what you think. Mr Lancaster, Miss Keogh and Miss Sherman

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The Victorians in Liverpool

We know you have all enjoyed your recent Victorian topic, we have added a link to a history of Liverpool website that has some comics that show images and information about Victorian Liverpool.

Victorian Liverpool


88 Pianists

Over the last few weeks, we have been working with a group of engineers and designers from Liverpool University and 88 Pianists. We each had to design a mechanism that would be able to play a key of a piano from a distance – with the end result being 88 different mechanisms being able to play one piano at the same time.



Dual Narrative Washing Lines

We have use Neil Gaiman’s version of Hansel and Gretel to create our own dual narratives. Our work has been incredible over the course of this topic. Our washing lines have become full of wonderful vocabulary.


SPAG Revision

Hi Year 6, we are all very proud of you and the progress you are all making.  We have collated some useful websites and video links to help you revise further.  You also need to spend some time on Spelling Shed as this will really help you to improve your scores.


Made with Padlet


A special P4C visit and discussion

Today we had a special visitor for our philosophical discussion. Ms McCann, who leads Philosophy for Liverpool, wanted to see how well we can discuss difficult concepts.


Science Day at King’s Leadership Academy

What an excellent morning at King’s Leadership Academy. It was great to see their stunning school and excellent Science department. Some of our lucky students are now very excited to start there in September! We loved getting to grips with bunsen burners and in the immersive environments they created for us.


P4C – “Should you ever betray somebody?”

This week to got to grips with Philosophy 4 Children again as we tackled the concepts of ‘bravery’ and ‘betrayal’. The debate carried on for over 45 minutes and it was great to hear and see how well the children followed the 4 C’s


Revision Documents

Hi everyone,

We have attached some documents below that will help you with reasoning revision.  It would be really useful if you could take a look.  Start with the questions you find the most difficult.

2017 Reasoning Paper 2

2017 Reasoning Paper 3

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Hi everyone in boosters today we looked at different types of conjunctions. Remember the acronym for co-ordinating conjunctions FANBOYS which stands for for, and, nor, but, or, yet so.

To help you remember subordinating conjunctions listen to the Gramasaurus song below.


Refugee Images

Hi, Year 6, the following images will be suitable for you to use in your newspaper article.