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Mrs Walker, Miss Moore, Mrs Duffy, Miss Appleton and Mrs Pope

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The journey to JCA by Thang & Malik

Class 5, 6 and 7,  have been to Mount Cook in Derbyshire.
We will tell you everything we did at Mount Cook

On Monday, the 5th of June, We had to be in School at 8am to pack our luggage on the Mini buses.  At 8:30, we went into the mini buses and started our journey to Mount Cook.

It took 3 hours on the motorway to get there; we didn’t mind how long it took us to get there. We were all listening to the radio and having fun on the way there.

Once we arrived there, we all got our luggage and went into our rooms and unpacked our luggage into our wardrobes.
We had 15 minutes to unpack our luggage and chill for a bit in our rooms before the activities.

There were 3 teams; the  Dream Team, Mystic 10 and the lions. Our team was the Dream Team and there were 12 people ( including two teachers Miss Sherman and Miss Gervais )

We had beans, Hashbrown, bacon, toast and eggs for breakfast. We had crisps, a sandwich, a biscuit and a piece of fruit for lunch and for dinner, we had pasta, beef bolognese with garlic bread and we had the choice to have water or juice.

We stayed there for three days and we had so much fun! There were lots of fun and muddy activities that really made us laugh!

By Thang & Malik

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Mount Cook Residential

What a week!


We all had such an amazing time this week in Derbyshire. We attended the JCA, Mount Cook Centre. It was a long , wet drive but arrived after about 2.5 hours. We saw all the beautiful views in the countryside and even drove past one of the highest points in England.

Once we arrived we had lunch provided, found our rooms and then went straight into our first activity. We were split into three groups and each group had different challenges and activities.

The activities and challenges were amazing; Canoeing, Mini Olympics, Initiative exercises, Jacob’s Ladder, Gladiator Wall, Low Ropes, a quiz, egg protector. We had so much fun and many of us overcame some fears. Some of the activities were hard and scary but every single one of us tried our best and showed fantastic team work and problem solving abilities.

On our last night Mr Curry played the guitar and we sang a rendition of ‘In My Liverpool Home’. It was brilliant, so good that the staff at Mount Cook commented. It sounded beautiful. Watch the video below.

The children were all so friendly and polite a number of staff at Mount Cook commented on their behaviour and manners. We are all very proud of the children form their residential!


Please have a look at our pictures.


The children wll be blogging themselves this week, so keep checking in.




Tula Moon

The children have been exploring the work of local artist, Steph Dekker.  They used collage materials and felt tip pens to create Tula Moon inspired pieces based on local landmarks.  We are so impressed with their work!  Can you spot the Liverpool landmarks in the children’s creations?  🎨🎨


Sharing fun!

The children have been having fun with division today!

We started our lesson by playing an interactive game on the tv.

The children divided themselves into pairs and shared out toys into groups to find the answers to division questions.  I was very impressed with their team work skills!

We watched a very interesting video about a boy called Charlie (not our Charlie!) who told us that the inverse of division is multiplication.  We will definitely use this fact to help us with our division work!

Well done, Class 7!

Miss Moore 🙂



Celebrating Chinese New Year

Today, to celebrate Chinese New Year we had some extra special visitors for our assembly!

They told us ancient stories of how the dragons would chase the ‘Pearl of Wisdom’. We also learned of how villagers and Buddha would give the dragon offerings such as lettuce in return for good fortune and new beginnings for the year ahead.

We all absolutely loved our morning, and some lucky children even got to become a dragon!


KS1 Autumn Reading Challenge

Over the coming break, we have been challenged to read as much as possible! Can you complete the checklist?