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Mrs Davies, Miss Goodwin, and Miss Hanton

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Dinner Menu for 30th October 2017

Here is this week’s delicious lunch menu.



Pleasant Street Readers

Don’t forget to share the books you are reading this Summer.  The teachers have started their books and they are looking forward to sharing their opinions on the books they have read when we get back to school in September.  Take a look at the books they have picked.

You can tweet us or tag us on Facebook or simply email Miss Keogh a picture of you reading or a picture of the book you are reading.  (e.keogh@pleasantstreet.liverpool.sch.uk

Thank you 🙂



The Birds of Prey came to school today.

Key Stage 2 enjoyed the Birds of Prey show today. Some of us even got to hold one!

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Marvellous instructing days !


Days in Reception were pretty fun. We instructed the children to write correct words using the alphabet map , which was useful, we helped them to build some Lego and at the end of the day we were  chilling  on the I-pads and the little ones were quiet and left us alone



Days in Nursery were really funny. Nasser (my friend ) had a friend in a minute, he used to like him, he would only hug Nasser and I had fun helping the little kids on the things they were playing with . Tariq and me were on the camera taking photos of the little kids  and the kid hugging Nasser .

By Tejas and Nasser


Jack and the Beanstalk

Nuresry have been very busy the past 2 weeks exploring the story Jack and the Beanstalk. They have used story mapping to retell their own version of the story as well as producing one as a whole class. They have planted their own bean seeds and are currently observing their growth. We have had lots of discussion around what seeds need to grow. We have also collaged our own magic beans as well as using our imaginations to act out the role of the characters in the story using puppets. As we have been talking about size for maths we also made some giant feet to compare to the size of our own. The children have had lots of fun wearing the giant cut out feet!



Phonics Stay and Play

A huge thank you to all the parents who stayed for our phonics Stay and Play session. It was great to deliver a short presentation to parents about the progression of phonics within our EYFS and how important it is building upon their early reading and writing skills.

We then had lots of fun in the school hall exploring a variety of activities that develop children’s phonological awareness.

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Nursery Newsletter


Forest School

The children have been making the most of the sunshine with more choosing to stay outdoors. This week we have focused on our whittling skills and toasting independently at the fire circle.

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Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the whole school text Grendel. They have participated in some fantastic speaking and listening activities. We have talked to our partners about what we would wish for if we could make a wish. We then in small groups drew, made marks and written with the help of phonic mats what we would wish for.

Surprisingly most of the children wished for Ice Cream! The children received a special surprise from Grendel and had to guess wag it may be. They were delighted to find it was Ice cream, cones and strawberry sauce!

We followed instructions and used our motor skills to scoop our own ice creams. We have also explored PSED through the story and concluded that it was wrong of Grendel to snatch from his mum and he shouldn’t have wished for everything that he touched to turn to chocolate.

We also made our own chocolate playdoh for Grendel. Again, following instructions and developing our understanding and listening skills.


Physical Development

The children have really enjoyed their weekly PE sessions this term with Mr Lancaster.

They have been developing their listening skills and understanding as well as building upon their moving and handling skills.

They have taken part in opportunities to move freely and with confidence in a variety of ways such as running, jumping, sliding and hopping and running skillfully negotiating the space around them in different directions. They have also explored different ball games.

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