In this section you will videos that our children have created. They will be demonstrating a wide range of skills within different subjects. The aim of these videos is to showcase the work that they have done in school and also to produce ‘tutorial videos’ teaching other children how to complete similar work.

Pleasant Street Vloggers news...

Tejas explains ratio and proportion

Another fantastic video from Tejas who has filmed himself completing ratio and proportion questions.  Well done!



Fractions by Marta the Superstar

Well done Marta for tackling some pretty tricky fraction and percentage questions.  Fantastic work yet again!


Fractions by Marta – Advice Please

This is one of Marta’s videos that she has recorded this weekend, she has worked very hard and her method is very nearly perfect.  Can anyone spot anything wrong? Give Marta some advice.


Ratio and Proportion by Hamza

Hamza or ‘awesome boy in school’ as he now likes to be called has worked hard on more YouTube videos tonight.  He worked hard in the booster session to tackle ratio and proportion questions and has decided to share some of his methods.  Take a look and let him know what you think.



Algebra by Macy

Find out how to answer an algebra question by watching Macy’s video.

Macy explaining algebra


Fractions Explained by Hamza

Hamza has taken a break from his gaming videos to bring you a bumper fraction video.  Take a look and let him know what you think.


Percentages the Easy Way by Marta

In Booster classes the children have been using Youtube videos by MrGHammond to check their answers.  Inspired by this Marta has created two videos of her own to explain how to work out the answers to some percentages questions.

Watch them and let her now what you think.