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Mr. Mitchell and Miss. Fearon

Reception news...

Exciting news

This morning we had brilliant replies to our tweets from the authors of our new book. The children are really excited and can’t wait to read the rest of the story.

Please ask ask your child what they have talked about so far and ask them to describe the stars in the night sky.

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Star in the Jar

This half term we are reading a wonderful book called Star in the Jar by Sam Hay and Sarah Missini.

So far, we have tried to keep the title of the book a secret from the children but their fantastic, inquisitive nature has made that really tricky.

This week we have immersed the children in a rich variety of story language in order to help them with their vocabulary, comprehension and writing. We have enjoyed a variety of activities as we build up to reading and retelling the story.

We began by revealing a number of exciting objects, which inspired lots of great ideas. Our curiosity was grabbed by our ‘Curiosity Cube’ which contains stars, reflective materials and exciting lights.

FtThe children discussed the items we revealed and began to make predictions about what the story may involve. Unbelievably, one of the children was able to say “It’s a star in a jar”

Yesterday we went on a treasure hunt and the children were super excited to find lots more treasure to use in class. We sat and discussed the various items and we were blown away by all the fantastic adjectives that the children were able to use to tell us what they had found.

The children are really enthusiastic and they would really appreciate it if you could leave a comment on this blog to show that you are reading along with us. Please ask your child about the stars and the treasure and help them with their language skills at home. It all really helps for when they try to write a story.

We will keep you posted on our progress 😀

Monday 14th January 19


Today we finally read our story in full. The children loved the story and amazed me with their ability to predict what may happen. We then had fun, fishing for stars in gloop and making stars from play dough. These activities really help to develop the children’s fine motor control, which helps to develop the muscles required to effectively hold a pencil.


Tuesday 22nd January 19

This week have have delved a little deeper into our story. We have explored language and phrases used, the reasons the boy spoke to the various other characters and some children wrote sentences describing the boy.



Thursday 24th January 19


Today we started to really examine the children’s understanding of Star in the Jar by @samhayauthor and @SarahMassini. I think it’s safe to say that our #pleasantstreaders have developed a good understanding of some tricky words/phrases and concepts.


Monday 28th January 19


This morning, our story led to a discussion about the meaning of a ‘Spiral Staircase’. It was great to see one of our boys using the lego to make his own Spiral Staircase 😀 #pleasantstreaders



Random Acts of Kindness

This week is Anti Bullying week.  As a school we have decided to take on the Random Acts of Kindness challenge.  Choose one of the acts each day and try it out to make someone else smile. Let us know which one you have tried in the comments below.


Pleasant Street has the X Factor

This afternoon the children loved showing off their dancing and singing skills for their friends. The judges were very impressed 😉


Shapes in Nature

Yesterday, in our Eco-House we discussed the shapes that make up our facial features, and then the children explored the natural resources outside before choosing the shapes to make their own face. Very creative guys !



Days of the week

Every morning we sing our Days of the Week song.

We thought that it would be good to share at home.




There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather

A major feature of Early Years education involves your child spending time outdoors, whatever the weather.

This means that your child will spend plenty of time outside throughout winter and they will therefore require appropriate clothing.

Please send in a waterproof jacket and some wellies which must be clearly labelled with your child’s name.We will store the items at school to ensure that they are available for use.


Reading Books

We recently sent home you child’s first reading book and reading record. Please make a note of the day that your child will need to bring their book into school to read with us. We would suggest that children use their book bags daily, as they often write notes or draw pictures that they love to take home.

The first sets of books sent home simply require you to discuss the story, allowing your child to use the images to infer or predict what may happen. We are sure that you will enjoy spending quality reading time each evening with your children.



Please be aware that your child has PE every Friday morning with Mr. Lancaster. Each child must have a full school pe kit and pumps to enable them to access the lesson safely.




The Something

In our English lessons we are reading a book called The Something. To help the children to recall and retell stories we devise story maps together. Your child has been reading and retelling this part of the story this week. Perhaps you could ask them to read it to you?

(Underneath the cherry tree, there is a hole in our garden. I found it one day when I bounced my ball but it didn’t bounce back. I peered into the hole but I couldn’t see anything. I sat for long, long, long time.)