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Phonics Stay and Play

A huge thank you to all the parents who stayed for our phonics Stay and Play session. It was great to deliver a short presentation to parents about the progression of phonics within our EYFS and how important it is building upon their early reading and writing skills.

We then had lots of fun in the school hall exploring a variety of activities that develop children’s phonological awareness.

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Forest School

The children have been making the most of the sunshine with more choosing to stay outdoors. This week we have focused on our whittling skills and toasting independently at the fire circle.

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Giant Wiggle – Action for children

A fantastic effort from our superstars in EYFS who participated in a giant caterpillar conga around the school grounds.

Thankyou to all for your contributions. All donations have been sent to Action for Children.


Our new hammock

After enjoying the experience of swinging on a hammock on Friday afternoon the children were still talking about how fun it was this morning.

During outdoor play today a number of children talked about how the swings at the park move the same way. Following the children’s interests and using our forest school knowledge (and our own childhood memories) we created a swing for the children. The swing was made using rope and a very clever knot from the oak tree in our outdoor garden. The children helped measure the rope, thread it through the plank of wood we had and agreed on their own rules about keeping themselves safe whilst on the swing. It was then decided by the children themselves that it would be fair to use a sand timer so “everyone can have a fair turn of the swing”. The children waited patiently for their turn of the swing. A fun morning of Personal Social and Emotional Development as well as Physical Development and risk assessing for themselves.

Am sure the new addition of a swing into our garden will generate hours of fun!


Woodwork outdoors

We have been developing our physical development skills lately using hacksaws, hammers and screwdrivers on our woodwork bench outdoors. The children have demonstrated excellent listening skills in regards to safety and agreeing on rules needed to keep us safe. They are also using their imaginative skills creating models and talking about their designs.


Building a bridge of books project

Over the last six weeks we have ran a project in partnership with Liverpool EYFS school improvement to foster a love of books with children and parents. Each week parents and their children have attended workshops hosted in school exploring and making different books together. They have created step rise books and collaged their favourite foods. For world book day we created a book about our favourite stories. A book about our families, a story box and we have even explored story telling through story sticks!

Many thanks to the parents for their participation. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and have made lovely books, story boxes and sticks to share at home.

A huge thank you to parents and pupils for making the project such fun!


Cooking pancakes on the fire pit

The children in EYFS are constantly building upon their independent skills. During cooking pancakes on the fire pit they demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of safety whilst cooking outdoors as well as taking risks within their own learning.



Exploring in the outdoors


‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ in Reception!

In Reception we have enjoyed reading and sequencing the ‘Bear Hunt’ story. The children have enjoyed using story bottles to re-tell the story. We have talked about what happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story and enjoyed talking about our favourite parts! Last Thursday it was ‘World Book Day’. We celebrated the day by having a ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ for the bear in the story. The children came up with this idea as they said “the bear is kind and just wants to have friends to play with-maybe we could invite him to our class for a party!” The children enjoyed making jam sandwiches and juice for the picnic! The children also explored different textures by choosing their favourite scene from the story and using various resources to recreate the scene. We have also enjoyed working together to make a map for the family from the story-writing sentences, labels and captions to match! Well done to everyone 🙂


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