Jackie Chan Adventures- by Tupac

This week we went on a residential. after a couple hours on the mini bus we finally arrived ; it was cold and rainy. We waited for the other mini buses while we were waiting we got our bag’s and put them by the window, then we played animal splat ;it is a funny game . After a while the other mini buses arrived we waited for the other’s to get their bag’s then we went inside to have our packed lunch, I loved mine then we waited to see what our rooms were like. It turned out I was sharing with Hamza, we only had 2 beds in the room and no bathroom, it felt like a prison cell.  We had to get ready for Canoeing Terrelle fell in the water first then another time Maisie and Mrs. Johnston fell in aswell. After canoeing we went back to the building and washed our hands, then got a shower ; it was nice and warm , then we had food . Once we had food we played a quiz after that we went to bed.

The next day we went down stairs and had breakfast; it was gorgeous then we got changed and went to do our first activity of the day, we were late. We had to climb up some logs, the activity was called Jacobs Ladder; it was hard. Afterwards we had a break, we had a drink then we went and played a crane game then tire and initiative exercises. Then we had food and we went to bed.

On the last day we went and played Gladiator Wall then we went home.

I loved mount cook.




2 responses to “Jackie Chan Adventures- by Tupac”

  1. Hamza says:

    I loved it there we had so much fun and the best bits were the activity’s and the quiz.

  2. Ragad says:

    It was better than nothing !🤗💅🏻

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