Mount Cook Residential – By Hamza

We had a fun three days in Mount Cook Derbyshire. First we went on the mini buses. After a couple of hours on the mini bus we arrived at Mount Cook. We set all of our bags down then we had lunch, it was really delicious.

After lunch we went Canoeing and we all had different groups our group was called The Lions. We all went on the boats and we went under a tunnel and it echoed. Mrs.Johnston,Terrell and Maisie fell off the boats and they were very, very cold and Terrell fell two times so that was funny!

We washed our hands and had a shower after Canoeing and we had food, we had fish & chips it was so nice. After that we went to our Prison Cells (Rooms) we had fun in them for thirty minutes.

After the thirty minutes we went down stairs to play a quiz there was five teams Masterminds,Amazing eight,Top seven and the last order and the Masterminds won!

Then we went to Prison Cells (Rooms) we had a uncomfortable sleep and we put on our PJ’s on and we brushed our teeth and went to sleep.

On the second morning of the Residential we had beans, eggs and hash browns and then we went back to our Prison Cells (Rooms) in there we got dressed then we went back downstairs, everyone was waiting by the doors, then we went to our other activity Jacob’s Ladder, it was basically logs on top of other logs, it was really easy. I got to the second highest log! After that we did Initiative Exercises that was so much fun and there was lots of riddles!

We had a great time and these are some of the amazing things we did there and the trip was so fun!

Here are some pictures of the trip!



4 responses to “Mount Cook Residential – By Hamza”

  1. Kawther says:

    It was so much fun,I wish if we could of stayed there for atleast a week but it’s better than nothing. 😀😁😁😀.

  2. Mr. Verdin says:

    Glad you all had a great time!

  3. Muntaha says:

    I really enjoyed it so much

  4. Ragad says:


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