Philosophy – ‘The Present’

Today we watched ‘The Promise’, which you can watch below:



We enjoyed a wonderful, well-thought-out discussion after unboxing the question fully, what does it actually mean to be ‘disabled’ – is it physical, learning or other means such as living environment or money? What does it mean to neglect somebody?

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19 responses to “Philosophy – ‘The Present’”

  1. RZAN TPT says:

    when you neglect somebody you don’t take care of them and don’t give them the right food and clothes and you might be a bit abusive.

  2. Ragad says:

    To be disabled, you can be disabled in many way but more of them are physical and mental,you can be bored with it or you might of had a life changing accident,for example to be physically disabled means that some of your body parts may not be able to move even your mouth ( which can lead you to never talking!) and to be mentally disabled means that you can’t make your brain do stuff,like being dyslexic, that means that you can’t read and write like most children can.

    To neglect someone is worse than to just ignore them it means to like hurt them for example if you where to say you went on a vacation and left your plants after a while there going to die for your lack of attention and you can neglect to do your chores , meaning failing to do them or it usually means to refuse to care for something, and if your doing it to someone then it means to put them in danger or not take care of them as in not giving them the attention they need.

  3. Hala says:

    I agree with ragad because to neglect someone is worse than to ignore them in my opinion i feel like its mean either way.

  4. Marc says:

    18 th February not taking care of someone who depends on you in many ways like listening to them and feeding them giving them water and looking after them when they are not well.

  5. Louie says:

    To neglect someone is not to look after them

  6. Kawther says:

    I agree with both Hala and Ragad in what they said.
    You should never neglect any one also even though you aren’t friend’s no matter what happens.

  7. Ezra says:

    I strongly agree with Ragad Hala and Marc because to neglect anyone is just wrong it dose not matter if they have a disability, or if you ignore them. I agree with ragad because it is like taking care of a plant because if you do not give them the right attention they can die. I also agree with Hala because if you in a lot ways it can be worse to neglect someone with a disability (disability’s) . I also agree with Marc because people who do have disability’s sometimes can do things like ; cleaning them self feeding them self e.x.c so by me and their reasons i think that people with a disability should get medical help from a carer or a doctor.

  8. Amir says:

    I enjoyed philosophy it gives everyone a chance to say what’s on there mind.

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  9. Amir says:

    By the way it’s not done and never will be I’ll keep updating it with more content.

  10. Ragad says:

    Bye everyone…😝

    • Miss Keogh says:

      Bye Ragad, we are really going to miss you, sorry I wasn’t there to say goodbye. Good luck with the future continue to do well if everything you do. We are going to miss you and your lovely family. Keep in touch. Miss K 🙂

  11. roozan says:

    It was kind of fun because you can tell what do you think on your mind🙂🙂🙂

  12. Hamza says:

    We (The old year 6), Watched this some people cried its not right to abusive anyone or anything, any shape or size, NEVER ABUSE!

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