Shy Lowen Horse Sanctuary :08/10/18

Class 5&6 Have learning all about horses over the past 4weeks. They researched their horses history, measured horse in hands, used, a measuring tape around the  girth to determine horses mass. This will culminate next week in each pupil riding their preferred horse.It’s been an exciting few weeks and pupils have become calm and considerate around these beautiful animals. Mr Verdin came along to visit and was very impressed by how much our pupils had learnt about their horses.

4 responses to “Shy Lowen Horse Sanctuary :08/10/18”

  1. Maisie says:

    Hi guys I miss you all love you lots a especially Miss Sherman and Mr Lancaster good luck to all of you throughout the year xxxx

  2. Roozan says:

    Hi guys I miss you soon much I wish I was in primary because in secondary it is sooooooo hard and any way Ooooh that looks fun but I hate the smell because in my old primary we did horse riding😀🤢🤢🤣😃

    • Miss Keogh says:

      Hi Roozan, we miss you too, secondary school will get easier, just keep working hard. Pop in and say hello next time you are near school.

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