The Nowhere Emporium – Reactions and Predictions

Today we reached Chapter 19 in the book.  We have been absolutely hooked on the text so far and we have been making connections and predictions along the way.


Share some of your thoughts below.  What connections have you made and what evidence supports your ideas.  Make predictions about what you think will happen next.  Make sure you include your reasons.



3 responses to “The Nowhere Emporium – Reactions and Predictions”

  1. Ahmed.T says:

    I have enjoyed the book so far and it’s really good even though I came late.Just can’t wait to finish the book off and start reading The Elsewhere Emporium.
    The Nowhere Emporium = Happiness

    • Miss Keogh says:

      You can catch up on the first few chapters if you like but I think we have just got to the really ‘juicy’ part of the story and don’t think you have missed too much.

      • Andreas says:

        And also Miss Keogh , I have also enjoyed and hope we can read shadowsmith , which sound interesting
        and it would be great if we could put it in the library.

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