Star Badge 10.12.18

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


Ulyan for fantastic construction models.

Ricardo for being a good friend.

G2BG: Lohith

Reading Award: Abbie for trying to sound out words.


Osman for enthusiastic singing.

Elif for super blending in phonics.

G2BG: Lily

Reading Award: Eman for super blending.

Class One

Bashir for a super story map.

Islam for always giving 100% effort.

G2BG: Keira

Reading Award: Yasser for working really hard to move up a book band.

Class Two

Preston for an improved attitude towards writing in class and at home.

Hasan for resilience and stamina when writing.

G2BG: Ranya

Reading Award: Layan for blending without sounding out.

Class Three

Hamad for writing independently.

Junaid for a good attitude to learning.

G2BG: Eileen

Reading Award: Manuela for improved reading and comprehension.

Class Four

Alishba for working hard to improve her handwriting.

Rana for having a great attitude in class.

G2BG: Henry

Reading Award: Mohamed E for excellent progress.

Class Five

Tiarah and Amirah for creating a great dance routine in PE.

G2BG: Aya

Reading Award: Godswill for enthusiastic reading.

Class Six

Taha for speaking in English more often in class.

Romy for a huge improvement in his behaviour.

G2BG: Rawan

Reading Award: Ghazi for working very hard and showing a dramatic improvement.

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