Star Badge 15.1.18

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


Mira for working hard in Maths group work.

Khalis for using the word disappointed to describe his feelings.

Class One

Ayden for great work in History.

Jawad for resilience when writing.

Class Two

Anis for a fantastic effort in all areas this week.

Eileen for an enthusiastic and positive attitude to learning.

Class Three

Wahjj for a great effort during our re-telling of the story.

Tayah for trying hard in Maths (multiplication)

Class Four

Lewis for great work in Maths.
Hadi for excellent designs in DT.

Class Five

Yasmine for great storytelling and enthusiasm in English.

Andreas for working hard to improve his writing skills.

Class Six

Terrelle for being a wonderful role model.

Gabriel for excellent English work.




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