Star Badge 17.12.18

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


All of nursery for an amazing Christmas performance.

G2BG: Yazan.


Jana for fantastic solo singing.

Everyone in Reception for a super Christmas show.

G2BG: Basil

Class One

Dereck for settling into class and making lots of new friends.

Eyad for always setting a good example in class.

G2BG: Amoyo

Class Two

Hiba for an amazing effort in writing.

Hizqil for playing as part of a team.

G2BG: Hannan

Class Three

Mohammed for an improvement in attitude.

Juana for always trying her best with a smile on her face.

G2BG: Amin

Class Four

Rasil for great work in Art.

Alishba for great work in Art.

G2BG: Muhammed

Class Five

Thomas for wonderful vocabulary knowledge.

Libby for great spellings in the SPAG test.

G2BG: Alanta.

Class Six

Ghazi for making an excellent start in Prodigy Maths.

Idiris for excellent flashback writing.

G2BG: Ellis

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