Star Badge 11.3.19

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


Mohammed for settling in well.

Duna for always being fantastic in class.

G2BG: Farah


Lily for fantastic independent writing.

Khalifa for a great improvement all round.

G2BG: Aljazi

Class One

Amari for using the iPad to find impressive vocabulary in English.

Curtis for working hard in Maths

G2BG: Meadow

Class Two

Aisha for a positive attitude to learning.

Hannan for 100% effort in everything he does leading to amazing progress in all subjects.

G2BG: Elijah

Class Three

Hamad for working independently.

Eileen for great contributions in discussions.

G2BG: Sadeen

Class Four

Elena for 100% effort and excellent presentation in every lesson.

Tayah for being more confident in class.

G2BG: Sherry

Class Five

Elyssia for an excellent historical enquiry.

Godswill for his excellent attitude and effort in all subjects.

G2BG: N’bba

Class Six

Ellis for taking part and giving wonderful answers in English.

Rivano for showing good resilience in Maths project work.

G2BG: Tahjae

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