Class 4 trip to Loggerheads

Reception trip to Farmer Ted’s

Class 5 trip to the International Tennis Tournament

Year 2 free school meals going into Year 3

8Reception trip

Year 4 Crosby Hall

Basketball club classes 3 and 4

Golf club classes 5 and 6

Class 1 to Radio City tower

Reception Class trip to Mattel Play!

New school app information

Nursery Book Trust EAL Pilot Project

Cricket skills club for Years 5 and 6

Film club for Reception, Class 1 and Class 2

Athletics Classes 1 and 2

Class 3 to museum

Class 2 to the museum

Nursery children moving to Reception in September

School league tables

December 18 newsletter

Class 5 to LJMU

Classes 3 and 4 to the pantomime

Nursery applying for Reception Class

Class 3 Deaf Society

Junior Production information for parents

Shoebox appeal for homeless

December dates

Class 1 to Knowsley Safari Park 29.11.18

Class 2 to Knowsley Safari Park

Chocolate Bingo 5th December

Punctuality for whole school

Pupils leaving school before the end of term

Reception parents phonics meeting

Nursery Parent’s Evening November 2018

Classes 1 and 2 birthdays

October 18 newsletter

Year 6 secondary application reminder

Barcelona information re passports

Reception to the Epstein Theatre

Giant Spectacular 2018

Class 5 trip to Western Approaches War Museum

Year 3 school meals

Barcelona flights

Applying for a Reception place for September 2019

Watercolour painting club

Ukulele Club

Stay and Play club for Reception and Class 1

Spanish games for Reception, Class 1 and Class 2

Cookery with Mrs. Duffy

Film Club Classes 1 and 2

Art club for Classes 1 and 2

Badminton club

Board game club

Class 1 and Class 2 football skills club



July 18 newsletter

Year 6 sex education

Year 2 Free school meals ending

Class 3 trip to IM Marsh

Nursery lunches

Nursery trip 22nd June

Barcelona deposit required

Meeting for children new to Reception

Leave of absence during term time

Class 5 trip to IM Marsh

Nursery trip

Class 1 trip to Knowsley Safari Park

Class 6 trips

May 18 newsletter

Crosby Hall information

General letter to parents

Reception trip to Walton Hall Gardens

Classes 4 and 5 trip to Barcelona

Class 5 trip to Viking exhibition

Spelling Shed Club for Reception, Class 1 and Class 2

Class 1 football club

Class 2 Liverpool wheel

Cookery club with Miss Hanton

Ringworm in Class 1

Tennis club years 3 and 4

Athletics club years 5 and 6

Stay and Play club years 1 and 2

Art club with Ms Parkin

Year 3 Crosby Hall

Isle of Man meeting

March 18 newsletter

Crosby Hall

Spelling Shed Club

Wear Blue for Bobby and World Book Day

Class 4 to Isle of Man

World Book Day 2018

Nursery and Reception head lice

Class 4 head lice

Scarlet fever in Nursery

Staff leaving

Class 6 punctuality

Gymnastics club for Years 1 and 2

Basketball club for Years 3 and 4

Cricket club years 3 and 4

Card Club Years 1 and 2

December 17 newsletter

Class 6 to the cinema

Whole school to the pantomime

Dates of events

Class 7 transport

Shoebox appeal

Chocolate Bingo Night


Walker Art Gallery

Road safety outside school

Class 1 group to the grotto

Class 1 to Radio City Tower

Homework information

Year 5 and 6 residential

Years 5 and 6 Christingle celebration

Class 2 trips

Parent’s Evening

Reception trip

Nursery trip

Y4 to Dewa Centre

School Nurse

Class 5 trip 3rd October

Film club years, 4, 5 and 6

Film Club for Years 2 and 3

Coffee morning

Forest school club years 1 and 2

Film club years 3, 4, 5 and 6

Cookery club KS2

Board games club

Card Club Years 1 and 2

Mindfulness Club Years 3 and 4

Story Club Years 1 and 2.

Uniform letter

Art club KS2

Film Club for Years 1 and 2

Football years 1 and 2

Badminton club Years 5 and 6

Welcome back letter



July 17 newsletter

Nursery Mystery Guest Reader

Year 2 applying for free meals

Class 5 trip to Calderstones Park

Class 2 trip to Croxteth Park

Class 1 and Class 2 sports day

Foundation Stage sports day

Class 6 trip cancellation


Class 6 trips 2017

Go Green for Grenfell

Y6 swimming

Years 4 and 5 Barcelona 2018

Useful dates

Class 1 to Knowsley Safari Park

Years 5 & 6 swimming

Class 3 to IM Marsh

Nursery Creepy Crawly Day

Class 4 to IM Marsh.

June 17 newsletter

Early Years

Class 4 to Moel Famau

Letter to parents

School inspections – a guide for parents

Mount Cook information letter

Football match 24th May

Class 6 to Moel Famau

Class 2 and Class 7 seed sowing

Class 3 trip

Reception place September 2017

Class 2 photogrpahy day

Choir Light Night

Barcelona meeting

Class 2 tests

Tennis club Y3 Y4 5th May

Volleyball Y5 Y6 4th May

Holidays in term time

Milk letter for Juniors April 2017

Milk letter for Infants April 2017

Wake Up and Shake Up

Pupil info letter Barcelona

Mount Cook payment reminder

Class 5 children to Goodison Park

Transition Meetings New to Reception

March 17 newsletter 

Football club Year 1

Nursery assembly

Class 2 to Crosby

Car park letter

Mount Cook

Year 3 Crosby Hall

Nursery place letter

Wear Blue for Bobby

Chocolate Bingo

Nursery and Reception letter

March 17 newsletter

World Book Day 2017

EYFS trip

Key Stage 2 Craft Club

Film Club Years 1 and 2

Class 3 PE kit letter

Class 1 filming

Class 3 trip

Class 4 religious trips

Sasha – school dog

Photograph letter

Class 1 to Tam O’Shanter Farm

Class 1 trip to Adventure Farm Trust

Choir to St. John’s market

Children in Need 2016

November 16 newsletter (1)

Shoebox appeal 2016

Reminder Milk Letter Sept 15th

Milk letter for Infants

Milk letter for Juniors