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Welcome to Class Six’s blog page. We will keep you updated with the fun and exciting things we get up to everyday via our Twitter feed and blog.  We would really appreciate you commenting on our posts and letting us know what you think. Mr Lancaster and Mrs Smith

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Today we were lucky to have a visit from YogaBears. We really enjoyed learning about the mantras of yoga and how we are all superheroes. Thank you, @yogabears1, we already can’t wait for our next session!



Our Week at KIND

This week we have really loved our time at KIND – learning all about keeping healthy bodies and healthy minds. Thank you to KIND for accommodating us!


Welcome Back

Welcome back to school.    Blog posts will be uploaded soon.


Matt Oldfield Competition

On Wednesday we are being visited by the Author Matt Oldfield who writes a series  of football books.

To be in with a chance of winning one of his books we have decided to hold a writing competition.  To enter simply type your piece of writing under the blog post but don’t forget to include your name.  Alternatively you can write it at home and bring it into school by Tuesday.  Winners will be announced on Tuesday afternoon.  The writing prompts are listed below or you could think of your own idea:


  • Who are your heroes? Write a biography of your hero.
  • Imagine that in the future you are a footballing legend. What would your journey fromthe playground to the pitch be? Write a biography in the style of the Ultimate FootballHeroes books telling how you became a sporting hero.
  • Read one of the Ultimate Football Heroes books and then imagine that you are interviewing the player. Write your questions and what you believe their answers would be.
  • Read one of the Ultimate Football Heroes books and then write about an event from the book from the point of view of the player. How did they feel when this happened?
  • The Ultimate Football Heroes books features sets of instructions to help you to ‘PlayLike Your Heroes’. Write your own set of instructions to help someone carry out a sporting move or technique.

Good Luck!


Barcelona Day 2

The children have had a very busy, fun-filled day!

We have seen the sights of inner-city Barcelona as we walked down Las Ramblas, stopping for a delicious ice cream on the way. The most popular flavour being Snickers, Oreo or Bubblegum!

Afterwards, we went to Park Güell and saw all of the incredible work that Gaudí had created. A lot of us saw how it was very similar to similar artist and culture styles; such as Islamic art and art by William Morris.

Our final stop was at the Camp Nou, the stadium where Barcelona Football Club play. We took the tour and saw all of the incredible trophies and historic memories that they had created over the years. We particularly loved being in the commentary boxes. The teachers had another proud moment when the children were praised for their wonderful manners.

Another exciting day is ahead of us tomorrow!


Barcelona day one

The children have had a brilliant first few days.  Their behaviour in the airport and on the plane was fantastic and it was a proud moment for the teachers when lots of people stopped us on the plane and in the airport to comment on the fantastic behaviour of the children from our school and St. Patrick’s.

Today we enjoyed a fun filled day at Port Aventura, the children went on lots of rides and some even chose to go on the biggest rollercoasters there.  When we returned from the theme park we had some food and then spent time at the beach building sandcastles and playing football and games with our friends.

Tomorrow we head to Barcelona City, on the way we will read out any blog post messages so if you would like us to read your message out comment below.

Thank you.


Open Letter to Class 6…..You Can Do This!

Dear Year 6,


Next week you will start four short days of SATs tests for mathematics, reading, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

The whole school knows how hard you have worked over the last year; you have all dramatically improved and already surpassed our expectations. But there is one more very important thing that you need to know:


The SATs test does not assess everything that makes you you. You are all special and unique in your own way, and these tests might not give you a chance to show your talent.
The people who create the tests and mark them don’t know each of you the way that we do and definitely not in the way that your family or friends do!

They do not know that some of you speak two or more languages fluently, or that you love to sing or dance. They do not know that you are a wonderful artist, or incredibly gifted in sports. They do not know how your friends can always count on you as a source of laughter or relaxation when they need it the most. They do not know how you help your family at home and how thoughtful you are every day.


The level you get from these tests will test you on something; they will provide you with your next step. However, these tests will not tell you everything– nowhere near! So over this weekend, while you feel the need to prepare yourself and revise, remember that there is no way to actually ‘test’ you, you are already amazing us every day in how you grow and give your all to everything you do. You are the best you that you can be, no test will change that.

Give this 100% that is all we can ask.


Enjoy your weekend, get some rest and we will see you all bright and early on Monday morning. Remember, keep your heads at 12 o’clock – you can do this!


Mr Lancaster, Miss Keogh, Miss Sherman



Hi All,

I have attached the document we used this morning which lists the spelling rules and the words that have been tested since 2016.

Miss K

Spelling analysis 2016-2018


Hansel and Gretel

This term we have been focusing on Neil Gaiman’s version of Hansel and Gretel. We have really enjoyed this dark, twisted version of a familiar narrative.


Military School

This term we have been lucky enough to have UK Military School work with our class to help our well being and preparation for SATs that are happening soon. They will continue to work with us after the SATs and help us to prepare for what secondary school holds.

It’s been incredible to see how the children have grown in resilience and to see leaders develop.