Hi Parents and Carers of our Class of 2021,

Thank you for all of your effort and engagement this year, both to our staff and the children. It has been a monumental task for everyone involved, especially after the interruptions to learning that they have had to persevere through. They have all grown so much academically, but more importantly they all have grown in maturity and self-assurance, and for that we are proud of them and know that they leave Class 6 ready for secondary school and the next chapter of their education.

Thank you for some of your kind words as well, it has been truly wonderful to work with this class over the past year and I know they’ll all go on to succeed in their future endeavours if they continue to show the perseverance they have shown this year.

We all wish them the very best in everything they put their minds to in the future!

Good luck – Mr Lancaster


Below are some of our videos that were created to celebrate their time in our school:

Carpool Karaoke

Growing Up


VIP Cinema Night

WaterSports and Final Week