Star Badge 2.2.20

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


Hanan for always smiling.

Nina for settling into Nursery.

G2BG: Eyad


R’myah for fantastic effort in PE.

Yazan for getting changed independently for PE.

G2BG: Felice

Class One

Leoni for a consistent effort to help those around her and an outstanding attitude to work.

Eman for always working hard with a mature and resilient attitude.

G2BG: Razi

Class Two

Mowmen for developing inference skills when reading.

Jithya for trying hard to be a good friend.

G2BG: Naila

Class Three

Susanna for settling in well and working hard.

JJ for always listening to instructions carefully.

G2BG: Aisha

Class Four

Turki for showing an excellent attitude in class and settling in well.

Hamad for making a big effort in every lesson and an improved attitude in class.

G2BG: Sahel

Class Five

Yasmin for being kind and considerate to everyone around her.

Ali for following school rules and being a great help to his peers in the classroom.

G2BG: Aysha

Class Six

David for excellent atlas work in Geography.

Veronica for always pushing herself to achieve more in every lesson.

G2BG: Wesam

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