Star Badge 27.101.20

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


Kellys for participating in group work.

Alannah for making a great imaginative game.

G2BG: Dariyan


Felice for settling into school so well.

Tia N for excellent independent writing.

G2BG: Everyone in class for their behaviour on the trip.

Class One

Mujib for an excellent effort to improve your English and Maths basic skills.

Yasir for amazing effort in class resulting in great progress in all areas.

G2BG: Dalia

Class Two

Abdulaziz for working hard to spell words independently.

Curtis for having a fantastic attitude in class and around school.

G2BG: Harlow

Class Three

Hasan for super geography work.

Yantze for showing greater independence.

G2BG: Patrik

Class Four

Layton for creating a fantastic timeline in History.

Amal for showing great resilience in her Maths work.

G2BG: Lamar

Class Five

Michael for fantastic presentation in English and Maths.

Muhammed for a great week all round.

G2BG: Cayden

Class Six

Annabelle for an impressive dual narrative.

Abdulmalik for an incredibly improved week on Prodigy Maths

G2BG: Aya

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