Star Badge 8.7.2019

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. Please remember to join us in the hall every Monday morning from 9am.


All of Nursery for amazing behaviour on the trip.

G2BG: Tamara

Reading Award: Abbie for fantastic blending in phonics.


Mustafe for all round efforts.

Jana for brilliant drum playing.

Reading Award: Jana for reading independently.

G2BG: Leoni

Class One

Abdulmajeed for always using beautiful manners around school.

Amoyo for fantastic independent writing.

G2BG: Nazree.

Reading Award: Mowmen for great progress in reading.

Class Two

Ibrahim for a positive attitude in class and supporting others.

Hasan for a great effort using words ending in ‘ness’ and ‘meant’ independently.

G2BG: Rocco

Reading Award: Mohamed for always striving to improve your reading and understanding.

Class Three

Juana for making great progress in writing.

Luke for great effort in Maths.

G2BG: Cherie

Reading Award: Tuan

Class Four

Adnan for settling into school well.

Ilyas for an excellent attitude and behaviour in every lesson.

G2BG: Aasiyah.

Reading Award: Aldanah for a big improvement in her reading.

Class Five

Lloyd for an improved attitude to learning.

Faris for working without any fuss and always getting on with work sensibly.

G2BG: Libby

Reading Award: Reema for being a enthusiastic reader.

Music Award: Veronica

Music Award: Amani

Class Six

Ahsan for wonderful geographical knowledge.

Zoe for excellent Maths work in her Geography topic.

G2BG: Victoria

Reading Award: Rawan for outstanding effort all year.

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