This page has been set-up at the request of parents and Governors.  We would like this page to be used as a community link to share examples of local support, activities and groups that may be useful.  If you would like to share information with others please contribute by adding to the most recent blog post.  Please remember that all posts will be moderated so they will not appear straight away.

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New School Health Website

This is the link to the new School Health Website full of useful information about the Primary School Health Portal.


Change4Life Oral Health Information



Children’s Workshops on Oman’s History and Heritage

One of our parents has kindly shared some work they did with the University of Liverpool about Oman’s History and Heritage.

Please find attached the workbooks produced which might be useful for activities to complete at home alongside your children.

The workshop activity booklets produced are available at (for 7-11 year olds) and (for 12-17 year olds)


ASD Pathways Parents Leafet

Please find attached a leaflet from the ASD Pathways team.

ASD Pathway Parents Info Leaflet


Autism Information Day


Summer Term – Parental Support (Add comments here)

This blog will be used by parents to signpost others to websites, links and local information that could be useful to others.  Please comment below, your post will be visible after it has been moderated.


Peer Support – Can you help others?

A parent has suggested that we set up a peer support programme where families who are going through or have been through similar situations can connect to offer help to each other or signpost others to the support they accessed.  If you would be interested in supporting or helping others please email outlining the support you think you could offer to someone else.  This information will treated with strict confidence and any interaction between parents will be set up with school support.

Thank you


Liverpool Qwell

Did you know that all teenagers and adults who live in Liverpool can get emotional support from a qualified practitioner through an online portal, as part of the NHS offer.

For over 26s go to:

Or for 13 to 25s go to:

PS – it is widely available around the UK now, if you know people who may benefit from other areas it would be worth trying to sign up in case they are also covered.

Liverpool Qwell (whole population) Poster with Eventbrite links.docx


Liverpool Community Advice

Liverpool Community Advice is a charity offering financial and debt advice to anyone who needs support in a wide variety of areas. They are based on Dale Street and are currently offering face-to-face support by appointment.
Their mission statement is “to meet the needs of people and through personal advice point the way to resolving issues, settling arguments, dealing with debts, sorting out relationships, in fact anything for which people need help and support.”


Parent Questionnaire – Family Support

As a school we are here to ensure your child experiences success and happiness, which means supporting them with matters both inside school and in wider family life. We are always trying to improve how we do this, particularly now that we have a Family Liaison Officer, Kirsty Sparrow.

We would be really grateful if you could take a moment to answer the questions in the questionnaire emailed out to parents last week.

Thank you


Thank you to everyone who returned the questionnaire last week telling us how school has helped you and your child. We appreciate the time you have taken as it will help us continue to offer the best support to our children.
A few people have mentioned coffee mornings in their replies, I look forward to organising these as soon as we are able to while staying Covid19 safe, I am hoping to start them in September.
Best wishes, Kirsty Sparrow