Hello and welcome to our class page.  Join us as we find out more about the world, have fun and explore.

Mr. Mitchell and Miss. Fearon

Reception news...

Fantastic Phonics

So impressed with this little superstar as she showed off her fantastic phonics to Miss. Gervais in @C2Pleasant. #pleasantstreaders



Independence Day?

Fantastic to see so much independent learning going on in our class this morning. The children are really encouraging, and challenging each other to be the best they can.




Let’s Go and Say Hello

This afternoon we travelled around the world, saying hello, in many different languages…….all without leaving our school.  We really enjoyed a book called @letsgosayhello. The book took us on a journey, saying hello in lots of different languages. Our children added Arabic, Italian and Malaysian to the list as we said ‘hello’ to the world.



Independent Learning

So great to see independent writing in flow during choosing time this morning. Well done girls. Keep up the hard work




Scissors and spaghetti 🤔

Lots of varied fine motor activities in use in Reception to help children to develop their cutting skills. Using scissors is a great way to develop all those tiny hand muscles whilst having fun


Monday 28th January 19

Lots of number fun in Reception this afternoon. Great to see the children having a fun whilst their learning


Future Olympians ?

Great to see so many of our Reception children in full PE Kit this week. Please remember that all children need a full kit, fully labelled, in school every week. #pleasantstsports


Sentence Builders

This afternoon we were so impressed as children rose to the challenge and built their own sentences, using the words provided.

So pleased that they were able to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop correctly



Addy is here

Please ask your child about our class robot.

Addy is helping your children with simple addition problems and is becoming a valuable member of our class. Please play number games at home and encourage your child to count forwards and backwards on a regular basis.



Phonics update

Many children in Reception are now working within “Phase 3” for their phonics


They are really making progress, learning lots of new sounds and blending them into words. Please take a look at the link above to see a list of the sounds and words that your child is learning to read. The more help tat you give them at home, the quicker they will progress, and become more fluent readers.

Please read with your child each evening and return their reading book on their given day.


Thanks  for your continued support