After School Clubs

We have a wide range of extra curricular clubs available for children before and after school, our current clubs are listed below.

Before School 

Club Day Classes Time
Times Tables Club Monday - FridayFour8:30am

After School 

Club Days ClassesTime
KS1 Film Club Monday One & Two 3:15-4:15
Showtime Club Monday Two - Six3:15-4:15
Cookery Club Monday Reception3:15-4:15
Y3/4 Art and Craft Club MondayThree and Four 3:15-4:15
Y1 English Booster Tuesday One3:15-4:15
Y2 Maths Booster Tuesday Two3:15-4:15
Y5/6 Art and Craft Club Tuesday Five & Six3:15-4:15
Y4 English Booster Tuesday Four 3:15-4:15
Y6 English Booster Tuesday Six3:15-4:15
EYFS/KS1 Stay and Play Wednesday Reception & One 3:15-4:15
Choir Club Wednesday Two - Six3:15-4:15
KS1 Football Club Thursday One & Two 3:15-4:15
Forest School Club Thursday One3:15-4:15
Y2 English Booster Thursday Two 3:15-4:15
Y3 Maths Booster Thursday Three 3:15-4:15
Y4 Maths Booster Thursday Four3:15-4:15
Y5 Reading Booster Thursday Five3:15-4:15
Y6 Maths Booster Thursday Six 3:15-4:15
LKS2 Indoor Football TrainingThursdayThree & Four3:15-4:15
Y6 Indoor Trampolining FridaySix3:15-4:15
Cricket Club Friday Three & Four3:15-4:15

If you would like to secure a place in a club, please complete the consent forms that are sent out at the beginning of each term via the school app.  Pupil numbers for each club are limited and are allocated on a first come, first served basis. A notification from the app will be sent before the club starts to indicate if you have received a place. If you would like to join a club midway through a term please ask the office staff about availability.

If your child has a place in a club you must download the Parent App so you receive notifications as this is our quickest method of communication. Please ensure you pick your children up promptly at the end of the club.

If you child misses more than two sessions an after school club or you collect your child late on more than one occasion your child’s place will be given to a child on the waiting list.