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Consistency across the school, in our approach to teaching phonics, is key to its success. We have just transferred over to a new phonics scheme Monster Phonics scheme and this is now used across school.

The Monster Phonics Approach

Monster Phonics is a highly-engaging, structured, synthetic phonics programme. It facilitates learning by allowing children to learn new graphemes by using monsters to group graphemes for recall and to provide an easy and fun memory cue for children. It also uses colour-coding to highlight the grapheme when teaching a new grapheme. Once taught and secure, the colour is removed. Monster Phonics matches the Reception EYFS framework and KS1 Spelling Curriculum. It progresses from simple to more complex phonic knowledge and skills, and ensures that prior knowledge is built upon. The main principles of systematic synthetic phonics teaching are followed, allowing children to become confident and successful readers, spellers and writers from a very early stage in their school life.

E – Book Sign Up Information

All parents should now be signed up to the e-book system. If you are experiencing any issues accessing the texts please email and we will help. Please see the information sheet below that explains how to access the texts on the Monster Phonics website.

Progression in Phonics

Nursery: In Nursery, we start by teaching Phase 1 Phonics which looks at laying down the foundations of distinguishing between sounds which helps children to prepare for the introduction of phonics in Reception.

Phonics Screening Test 

Children in Year 1 throughout the country will all be taking part in a phonics screening check during the same week in June. Children in year 2 will also take the check if they did not achieve the required result when in Year 1 or if they have not taken the test before.

This document outlines how the test is administered and provides examples of how you can help your child at home.

Useful Videos

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Phonics Chatter

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Phonics in Reception


Recently Reception have been learning all about constant and vowels using them to spell words in phonics, they have been using phonic knowledge to write different CCVC and CVCC words.

Reception have also been finishing Miss Oh No’s zigzag books for her as she keeps forgetting to draw the pictures so Reception have been reading the sentences and drawing pictures to match the sentence to help Miss Oh No finish her books.

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Phonics Parent Meeting


Thank you to all of the Y1 parents who joined us for the Phonics Screening Information meeting. If you have any questions about the test, please do not hesitate to ask us.

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Writing Fun in Reception


Reception have been trying really hard this week to write sentences in phonics using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.