“Behaviour in lessons and around school is good.  Pupils support each other well informally and through a range of structured systems.  Pupils play together well.  Older pupils explained how they value the range of rewards to promoted good behaviour.  They also state that poor behaviour is unusual…” OFSTED 2017 

Safety and Security 

The safety and security of our pupils is paramount.  We encourage all parents to ensure the safety of children before and after school by parking safely and walking to the nearside pavement .  The school is securely fenced and access to the building is restricted to the reception area only during the day when children are present.

We have an electronic signing in system.   On sign in visitors are provided with a photo ID badge attached to a coloured lanyard.

We have a colour coded safeguarding procedure. All staff wear green lanyards with the school logo.  Green lanyards are also provided for all DBS checked visitors.  Red Lanyards are for visitors who are not DBS checked and supervised in the school building.

Child Protection 

The school is required to take reasonable action to ensure the safety of all pupils.  If the school has concerns about a child we are obliged to follow specified Child Protection Procedures from Liverpool City Council and this may include a referral to Social Services.

Behaviour – “It’s Good to be Green”

Pupils at Pleasant Street have a very good understanding of the standards and expectations of behaviour at Pleasant Street Primary School.  Good behaviour is encouraged and rewarded with regular awards being given at our weekly praise assembly.  Parents and Carers are welcome to join us every Monday morning from 8:55am in the hall.

The use of our Good to Be Green system ensures consistency across the school.  Pupils begin every day and lesson on a green card regardless of previous behaviour.  This provides the opportunity for a ‘fresh start’ on each lesson. When incidents of inappropriate behaviour occur school staff follow clear steps which consist of verbal warnings and yellow and red cards.  Throughout the day members of SLT enter classrooms and reward children with a Privilege Card if all cards are green.  Privilege cards are counted weekly and a reward is given to winning classes.

On occasions we may need to discuss behaviour with parents and carers and next steps will be decided.

We expect all pupils to wear full school uniform and share our pride in our school.

See our Behaviour and Anti-bullying policies for further information. (The hyper links will take you to our main policies page where copies of the policies can be downloaded)