Pleasant Street Primary School pledges itself to be a place where uniqueness is celebrated and all individuals will find safety and respect for their families and their way of life. We are a family of many different cultures and beliefs which makes our school as unique, as the individuals that make it so special. Our differences are our strength and allows us all to grow together with an interest and love of our shared and different traditions.

As part of our curriculum, we hold a ‘Diversity Day’ every half-term, which gives us opportunity to reflect on our uniqueness whilst celebrating our differences.

At Pleasant Street our community is central to our learning. Our diverse cultures come together to develop our understanding of our city, country and the world. Happiness and harmony are focal to our shared learning. We recognise the strengths of others and draw on this to support and inspire our own learning. Equally, we are always eager to motivate and guide others.

The day involves each class working with a different text around a theme based on diversity.

Age appropriate texts and the accompanying activities look at how children think and act towards others and themselves and gives them the opportunity to discuss the impact of actions and choices.

The day also includes opportunities for children to debate their opinions through a question of their own design, within a Philosophy for Children session. The day will end with a ‘Show and Tell’ assembly with pupils sharing their understanding and experiences of the activities undertaken.

Our curriculum and assemblies reinforce the skills and characteristics that we instil into our children and adults to ensure they do not allow obstacles to prevent their ambitions to achieve optimum success in their chosen path.