We value your support and appreciate your feedback. There are a number of ways you can share your thoughts and feelings.

We have a questionnaires section on our School App which we regularly monitor and your views and comments are extremely useful to us.

We have devised a set of questions based on the OFSTED Parent View Questionnaire. You can complete it via the app and this data will be sent straight to school.

Alternatively you can complete the questionnaire online using the Parent View website. This data is not shared with school until an OFSTED inspection and comments are anonymous.

Parental Feedback 2022/2023

“K adores school and is always rushing to get into breakfast club. The school has been amazing at identifying his speech need, submitting the NHS referral on my behalf, commissioning a speech therapist and adding K to the cohort to support him whilst we wait for the king NHS referral. It is a fantastic school full of highly professional and proactive staff.” (Reception Parent)

“My child loves attending Pleasant Street. I can’t fault the teaching and support given over the years, I recommended to family and friends.”

(Year 3 and Year 5 Parent)

September 2020 – COVID Questionnaire 

In September 2020 we invited our parents to complete a short questionnaire to offer feedback about the support and guidance provided during school closure and during the reopening period.  A set of questions were asked and 49 families replied.

Question 1 – Did you and your child feel supported during the lockdown period (staff contact/online learning etc)

Question 2 – Are you happy with the parent app as a speedy form of contact with parents?

Question 3 – Have you felt reassured by the information provided regarding the reopening of school in September?

Question 4 – Are you happy with the safety measures the school have put in place in response to COVID-19?

Question 5 – Does your child feel safe and happy to be back at school?

Feedback and School Responses 

“Everything is perfect however, if the kids wear a mask in class that would be great.”  Currently masks are not a requirement in Primary school settings, however if this guidance changes we will follow it and alert parents.

“We appreciate the extra measures recently taken by staff in terms of PPE. Sadly, not all parents wear face coverings when queuing outside at pick-up and drop-off and not all stick to social distancing.” We have asked all parents to wear masks at drop off and collection, members of SLT have spoken to parents individually and reminded them of the rules around masks.  We understand that some parents may not be able to wear a mask for medical reasons so we have also reminded parents to stick to social distancing in order to keep our community safe.  We would like to thank the vast majority of parents who have adhered to the guidelines and we appreciate your support.  We will continue to send out regular reminders to parents regarding social distancing and masks via the app.

“Thanks for everything. We love the school and we appreciate and value it so much. I hope everyone to stay safe “ 

“Speaking as both a parent and a healthcare professional, Pleasant Street has done and is doing an excellent job with pupil  safety and dissemination of information during these Covid times. I agree with all the processes so far and hope that all parents cooperate with the safety measures such as wearing face coverings etc. I hope the staff members themselves feel well equipped and safe . Keep up the good work!” 

“The measures / systems you have put in place are brilliant. Compared to our other older children schools your system goes like clock work. Very well done.  Also the school appear to be using common sense when it comes to children having time of the year general bugs and sniffles and not over reacting but also whilst still staying responsible re COVID. A lot of other schools could learn a lot from your school and staff. Thank you for all your hard work its very much appreciated.” 

“I would like to say THANK YOU for your support during lockdown  you are an amazing team”

“I am really worried about the safety of my kids and my family because of COVID-19 but the school is doing all they can to protect my kids” 

“All the staff are doing a great job” 

“Well done teachers and staff” 

“Was really happy with the contact and everything else.  We couldn’t of picked a better school for ****” 

“School has been very supportive very concern about the children welfare, health and education. Very impressive.

“I’m very happy with the  school arrangements” 

We appreciate all of your responses, kind words and suggestions.  We would also like to thank you for being so supportive and helping us to keep the school community safe by following the rules and procedures we have put in place.

Pleasant Street Staff