We use Seesaw as a platform for homework between parents and class based staff.  Staff may use the messaging system to pass on important messages or reminders however they will not reply to individual messages.

If you have any issues accessing Seesaw we ask that you contact us our parent email parentmail@pleasantstreet.liverpool.sch.uk and we will try our best to help you to resolve the issue in school working hours.  If you need to discuss anything with your class teacher, please contact the school office via phone or the above email so that we can arrange an appointment or a return phone call.

Seesaw Expectations British School of Beijing, Shunyi

How to use Seesaw

There are two versions of the app that you will need to download: There is a ‘Seesaw Family’ app for parents and carers to use; there is also a ‘Seesaw Class’ app that will be for the use of your child to complete any homework or home learning tasks.

Seesaw Family

This version of the app is for parent/carers/adults of children in our school. To access the app you will have received an email from the school, please follow the instructions on this email.

From here you will be able to see the learning of your child and their class, we encourage you to comment on the posts to praise your child and the class in their work. You will also be able to communicate with the class teachers via this app and they will be able to respond during school hours – this will help to reduce potential meetings after school and our efforts to socially distance at the school gates.

Please find and read the ‘how-to’ guides below for extra support:

Seesaw FAQs For Families

Learning at Home Tips for Families

Tech-Free Home Learning Ideas

Learning At Home For Students And Families

You can download the Seesaw Family app by using the links below, dependant on your devices:

Download for iOS Apple Devices

Download for Android Devices

Download for Amazon Kindle Fire

Sign in via the internet 

Seesaw Class

This version of the app is for the children that are in role at our school. From here they will be able to acces their homework and home-learning. To access the app, your child will have brought home a QR code invite that will link them to their class’s account. If your child no longer has this then please let your child’s teacher know as soon as possible so that a new one can be issued.

Please see the ‘how-to’ guides below to help your children to access their work:

How To Sign In As A Student (we use 1:1 devices or shared devices – you may also be given a home learning code in the event of school closure)

How To Create A Post As A Student

Understanding How To Use The Class App

***How To Add A Post And Respond To A Homework Activity***

You can download the Seesaw Class app by following the links below, dependant on your device:

iPad and iPhone

Android Devices


Kindle Fire

Computers with Chrome or Firefox

*Download Help*