You can find/view information about our school data and performance from the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department of Education’s website by clicking the following link.

2020 results are not available as tests were not administered due to COVID-19.

KS2 Results 2019

Average progress scores in Reading, Writing and Maths Over Time

2016201720182019202020212022 (unvalidated)
Reading 3.08
(Above average)
4.49 (Well above average)2.87 (Above average)8.93 (Well above average)No dataNo data2.36
Writing 2.26
0.73 (Average)3.94 (Well above average)3.93 (Well above average)No dataNo data3.67
Maths 5.59
(Well above average)
6.67 (Well above average)8.21 (Well above average)7.92 (Well above average)No dataNo data4.07

Letter from Nick Gibb – January 2020