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A Special Visitor


A big thank you to this parent this afternoon who delighted and informed the class about life as a Muslim! The children contributed with such knowledge and showed great respect!

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RE in Reception


This term in RE we are exploring special people, last week Reception discussed what is special about themselves through looking at a mirror and expressing why they are special.

This week in Reception we discussed who is special in our class and why they are special? We then created postcards to give to our special friends in class.

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RE in class 5


Today we discussed about different places of worship. We learnt about Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity.

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Festivals – RE


The children began their topic today, thinking about celebrations which are important before looking at the important Christian festival Easter and retelling the story.

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What matters most?


As part of their topic on festivals across faiths, the children discussed what matters most to believers at Easter.

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Festivals – RE


The children ended their topic about how and why people celebrate special and sacred times, by comparing the festivals of Easter, Passover and Eid. They then completed a quiz, which was lots of fun!!

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Special People


In RE Reception have been discussing special people in their lives outside of school, some of the children brought in pictures of people who are special to them, the children gave some lovely reasons to why some of the people were special to them such as ‘because they look after me’ ‘because they show me love’ ‘because they share their money with me’ ‘because they make me laugh’.
Thank you for sharing all your special people with us.

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Special Places in RE


This term Reception are exploring special places to people who have different religions. Last week Reception discussed special places to them and special places they might find around our school. As a class Reception had a treasure hunt to find Miss Broadhurst’s favourite place in school which was the fish tank.

This week Reception’s Christian friend Grace came to visit, Grace brought a picture of her special place where she goes to pray and celebrate different events. Reception were shown the picture a bit at a time and tried to guess with their partners where Graces special place could be. After the full picture was shown Reception discussed what a church is and what events might happen at a church. Reception then explored more familiar churches and inside what a church looks like, Reception loved looking at all the stained glass windows.

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RE – Why should we care about others?


The children began their RE topic by discussing what it means to care for others and why it is important. They watched the story of the Good Samaritan and thought about what it means to be a good neighbour. Some of the children acted as the injured old man receiving help!

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We watched a video about the creation story and then we drew pictures to match what happened on each day. The children thought about how powerful God must be and the importance of looking after the Earth.

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We identified what objects a Christian house and a non Christian house would have.