Star Badge 25.11.20

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. As we cannot gather together in our usual assembly certificates will be handed out in class via our Zoom assembly.



Eyad for improved effort in phonics and reading.
Evie for showing independence.
G2BG: Yaseen

Class One

R’myah for a great improvement in reading and independent writing.
Lohith for always trying his best in all lessons.

G2BG: Hamoud

Class Two

Basil for using taught methods independently during 4 a day.
Zahid for making good contributions in English lessons.

G2BG: Abdulaziz

Class Three

Nazree for fantastic writing in English

Naila for excellent Number Stacks work

G2BG: Momina

Class Four

Layan for excellent subtraction work in Maths

Bader for creating an amazing guitar for his science topic.

G2BG: Jawad

Class Five

T’mya and Artan for using neat cursive handwriting.
G2BG: Amani

Class Six

Mohamud for working hard to improve his time on TTRockstars.

Layla for an excellent description opening in her work on Shackleton’s Journey.

G2BG: Miriam


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