Flu Immunisation – Important Information from the NHS

Polite reminder to complete your childs flu consent form.

Please visit this link to complete your Childs flu consent form either with a YES or NO before the 15/09/23 https://econsent.merseycare.nhs.uk/  Any forms completed after this date may result in your child not receiving their flu spray or injection at the first school session.

It’s important that all parents/carers read and respond to this message and complete their child’s flu form, this will help us to understand your wishes with regards to your child receiving their flu immunisation in school, and avoid you receiving further follow up telephone calls, texts and letters from our service which we know can be annoying for parents/carers to receive as well as having an impact on NHS resources.

It’s important to remember Flu can be a really unpleasant illness and sometimes causes serious complications. Vaccinating your child will help to protect them as well as more vulnerable family and friends by preventing the spread of flu this year.

Many thanks for your support if you require any help or have any questions please contact the immunisation team on 0151 295 3833 who will be happy to help

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