Home Learning

Thank you very much to everyone who participated in the home learning on Seesaw provided by our teaching staff. We appreciate that in a short space of time your usual daily life has changed considerably and there will be some teething problems along the way. We wanted to contact you all to go over some of the questions that we have been asked today.

  • Zooms will take place for each daily. The morning Zoom will be used to say hello and set the tone for the day and give the children an opportunity to see each other. The afternoon Zoom is for the teachers to offer feedback and answer any questions about the work set. We would like to see children on the Zooms daily, if we notice your children are not attending we will call home to see if we can help you to access them.
  • Children do not have to be on the computer all day every day completing work. The Government have stated that all pupils should be working for a minimum of 3 hours per day. Although teachers are putting work up at different times during the day, you do not have to complete it as it appears. Your child will need breaks and some free time, we suggest that you complete the tasks in chunks.
  • All children need to be accessing home learning as it is a requirement by law for us to ensure that all children are working at home. If your child is not engaging with the work set we will work with you to make this possible. If there are barriers in place that stop your child from working please contact us so we can help you.

Again thank you for your continued support and for ensuring that your child is still accessing the curriculum despite the short notice of closure. If you need any support please contact us.

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