Dear Parents,
As you are aware, we decided to keep the start and finish times to the school day the same as last term for the first 2 weeks of the school year. This was in case there was a sudden rise in Covid-19 cases that would have meant additional confusion of changing back and forth.
I know the staggered start times have been particularly difficult for those parents with siblings. I am pleased to say we will be returning to a more traditional school day from next week Monday 20th September. Please see below for exact details…
Start Time
  • 8:55am – Reception to Y6 pupils enter school and straight to class
  • Reception to enter through top gate and around to Reception classroom with parents
  • Y1/2 to enter through the hall  
  • Y3/4/5/6 to enter through the side door.  
To help with morning congestion, children can arrive at school from 8:40am and complete activities in class ready for the 8:55am start.
Home Time
  • 3:15pm finish for all classes from Reception to Y6
  • Reception to be picked up from classroom.
  • Y1/2 picked up from side gate (hall exit)
  • Y3/4 picked up from the side gate (side door exit)
  • Y5/6 picked up from the car park entrance.

Nursery will start at 9am and finish at 3pm – dropped off and collected from same place.

I am hopeful the start of the day will run smoothly, but I am conscious with the location of our school, and the continual traffic issues, the end of the day will have to be managed carefully. Therefore, can I respectfully ask all parents to depart the immediate area as soon as you have picked up your children. Furthermore, if it is possible to park away from school or use alternative means of getting here, that would also help the situation considerably.
Finally, there have been a few incidents of parents parking on the yellow zigzags between our ‘school safety parking signs’. This is highly dangerous and selfish behaviour that is putting our children’s safety at risk. Please don’t be offended when you are asked to move if you are parked on zigzags.
Thank you for your continued support,
Mr. Verdin

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