Road Safety/Parking

Dear Parents,

I hope you and the children are well. I have written many times about the issues of parking around the school and today there was an incident that was literally a second away from becoming a potential tragedy.

On viewing the incident on CCTV, it made my blood run cold at what could have potentially happened.

Therefore I must stress again the importance of the following…

When leaving school (especially with younger children), please ensure your focus is on the children and you do not allow them to run into the road Never park on the yellow zigzags or in the disabled bays if you do not have a blue badge. Parking in such a way, can only be described as selfish when we know the risk this can cause to the safety of our children. Unfortunately, I have now had to take the step of contacting traffic services to ask them to make extra patrols.

I recognise parking a few streets away or walking to school may be a slight inconvenience however, this is a far better problem to have than being responsible for a potential tragedy.

Please consider this in order to keep our children safe.

Regards, Mr. Verdin

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