Star Badge 11.11.20

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. As we cannot gather together in our usual assembly certificates will be handed out in class via our Zoom assembly.


Ronnie for settling in quickly.

G2BG: Kymari


Farah for fantastic reading.
Naledi for great all round knowledge
G2BG: Sare

Class One

Sara for great effort in Maths and Reading.

Hamoud for working hard and trying his best at all times.

G2BG: Meera

Class Two

Marwan for a super effort to improve his handwriting.

Sai for having a sensible and mature attitude 100% of the time.

G2BG: Sophie

Class Three

Yaser and Mowmen – making great improvements in handwriting

G2BG: Amari

Class Four

Junior for being an excellent buddy and helping a new friend settle into class.

Hisquil for great work on his CLIC test.

G2BG: Rohit

Class Five

Turki for writing super sentences.
Layton for excellent work on multiples and factors.
G2BG: Eileen

Class Six

Rana for always being ready to help other when they ask for it.

Abdulaziz for showing much improved effort and focus in his lessons.

G2BG: Euseff


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