Star Badge 4.11.20

A huge well done to all of our Star Badge winners this week. As we cannot gather together in our usual assembly certificates will be handed out in class via our Zoom assembly.


Faisal for fantastic mark making.

G2BG: Admirah and Michael


Yaseen for good phonics work.
Bobby for always trying his best.
G2BG: Adinda

Class One

Tian for fantastic effort in reading.

Abbie for trying hard to show resilience in all areas.

G2BG: Tulip

Class Two

Dalia for trying hard to apply her phonics.

Basil for trying hard to work independently.

G2BG: Sean

Class Three

Alaysia – drawing a great network diagram in Computing
Keira – improved effort and attitude in class

G2BG: Eyad

Class Four

Fahad for an excellent score in his maths tests.

Adam for fantastic work in art.

G2BG: Aisha

Class Five

Amin for trying hard to improve handwriting.
Tatiana for being helpful in class.

G2BG: Faisal

Class Six

Tayah for showing an excellent level of resilience in her mathematics when using long division.
Layla for making an impressive start to her first mock SATs.

G2BG: Aldanah

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