Story Sack Project – Anxiety

Dear Families,

We are working with an organisation called Liverpool Learning Partnership who are looking at ways to help children feel happy and be able to manage their emotions. We are looking for some parents of children in Key Stage 2 who would like to come to school onWednesday 29th March at 9amto talk as a group about your children and help design some new resources around anxiety. The session will last 60-90 minutes.
This is an exciting project that will be made available to children across Liverpool once it is complete. The resources planned in the session on 29th March will be made, and there will be a session after Easter where the same parents can come in again and try out the resources with their children.
We are looking for 10 parents, so if you are interested and can come to school on Wednesday 29th March, please email me at
We hope for a mix of families with different experiences, whether you feel anxiety is a problem for your child at the moment or not, your contribution will be valued.
Many thanks,


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