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Welcome Back

Welcome back to school.    Blog posts will be uploaded soon.


Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

Today in Nursery we enjoyed reading a book together called Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? It would be great if you could listen to the sing with your child and encourage them to join in.

Maybe when you are out with your child you could change the words to their name and ask them to name some of the objects they can see or maybe they could make up their own animals?

For example Jacob, Jacob, what do you see? I see a bird in the trees looking at me.


Random Acts of Kindness

This week is Anti Bullying week.  As a school we have decided to take on the Random Acts of Kindness challenge.  Choose one of the acts each day and try it out to make someone else smile. Let us know which one you have tried in the comments below.



The children in Nursery have been discovering all the lovely things about Autumn. We have been setting up our new Bug Hotel, playing with an autumnal tuff spot, painting with leaves. The children are enjoying exploring the different colours of the leaves in our outdoor areas and looking at the changes in the tress with the season. We have also been using autumnal, natural resources in our counting.




At the beginning of this term we had the theme of construction. The children loved building with the blocks and role-playing with our building hats and tool belts. We also read the story of The Three Little Pigs. The children enjoyed listening to the story and learned and retold the story using the story map. We had lots of fun with masks. We played with the different materials from the story; sticks, straw and bricks.



Refugee Week

For Refugee Week our whole school will be joining together to spread the message that our school is a school that welcomes everybody.

To show this, we will be performing a song by Frank Turner called Be More Kind as whole school, singing together to make our message heard.

You can hear the video by clicking on this link.



Phonics Stay and Play

We had a fantastic phonics Stay and Play session. Our parents were keen to learn about the phonics process, it’s delivery within their child’s learning and activities to promote early reading. A huge thank you to all that attended your support is much appreciated.


Pumpkin picking at Church Hall farm

Nursery thoroughly enjoyed their visit to Church Hall farm. During their visit the children picked pumpkins in the fields manoeuvring wheel barrows independently. They also played on the hey bales using their physical skills to climb, run and navigate over them. We also visited the farm shop to buy vegetables to make a healthy soup back at school on our outdoor fire pit.

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Dinner menu for the 13th of November 2017

Here is next week’s choices from our delicious menu.


Dinner menu for the 6th of November 2017

Here is next week’s menu that we will be serving;